One quick an easily managed service from Amazon is RDS for a database server. The RDS server is straight forward and makes future development easy. Here I will create the first mysql database.

  1. Go to
  2. select RDS Instances
  3. select Launch DB Instance button
  4. select mysql tab (it is free eligible) and hit the select button
  5. select mysql production environment and select the next button
  6. select the latest DB engine version from the drop down selection
  7. enter 20 for allocated storage
  8. enter a DB instance identifier. I tend to use nonmeaningful names here, for example use the name greek goddess. (example mazudb)
  9. enter a master username and master password (user: mazu) and select the next step button
  10. on the Configure Advances Settings form you will see VPC security group with Create a new Security Group Selected. (more on this later)
  11. enter a database name (example mazudb) and select the Launch DB Instance button

In a later post I will discuss allowing an Amazon EC2 virtual host connect to the server by changing the security group.

Now I can connect to the RDS mysql server from my laptop with MySQL Workbench