Before using the assigned Amazon EC2 server IP address on your own domain you may want to assign a more static IP using Amazon Elastic IPs. This will allow you to create additional EC2 servers and reassign the IP to the new server without messing with DNS entries.

  1. click Elastic IPs under Network Security on the right side of the Amazon EC2 dashboard
  2. click Allocate new Address then select the instance ID to associate with this Elastic IP address

When you return to the EC2 dashboard instances you will notice the address is now associated with the new IP address. This address may now be assigned a host A record on your domain DNS (example )

Now I can go to my domain registrar to manage the DNS. For a .link type domain I use for most other domains I use

  1. Create the domain with the registry handling the nameservers (example
  2. Then navigate to managing DNS records and create an A (host) record for the EC2 server. (example
  3. The RDS server can be assigned a CNAME record pointing to the RDS amazon host name. (example

In the past I have created my own Primary and Secondary DNS servers using Microsoft Server but in today’s cloud focused technology this is not needed as reliable services are available through AWS or other 3rd parties as shown above.