Now let’s manage the security group for the Amazon Linux EC2 Instance

Notice all traffic is allowed with sg-e70fdxxxx this is the security group of the RDS server. a reciprocal allow all traffic is set on the RDS server that allows it to communicate with the EC2 server.

Here’s a list of the ports and usage.

Port 80 http html server, port 443 is https secure html server

port 8575 and 8577 this is the Adobe ColdFusion license manager

port 22 is SCH allowing terminal and file transfer

port 20-21 FTP server

port 1024-1048 ?

port 5005 ColdFusion Line Debugger

port 8500 is the standard ColdFusion administrator using the CF built-in web server

Port 4200 is user defined used by node.js server. Port 4200-4220 is unassigned with no official use and a good option for node.js.

Port 80 (tcp out – push metrics) & 43554 (tcp in/out – reverse interaction) is used by dashboard monitor

Port 7101-7106 Redis Server nodes in cluster mode (7101-7103 Masters, 7104-7106 corrensponding slave)

Port 17101-17106 Corresponding control channel for Redis server nodes