Yes I am looking for a job in the greater Boston area. I am available for phone interviews with actual direct hiring managers that call from an actual Boston/MA based business phone number. That means I may do a reverse lookup on the phone number to ensure it is a legit Boston/MA based business before bothering with a phone interview. I am only willing to do phone interviews that lead to an onsite interview in Boston/MA.I have even become

I have even become leery of ANY phone interviews as my identity has been used by scammers with phone interview recorders. So take a leap, invite me to your business, onsite. let’s meet in the lobby or a place of your choosing, and spend 10 minutes in person just as you would with a phone interview.  If you like what you see, we can proceed to a full interview.

With that said, if you are a fake Indian recruiter why tf do you even bother targeting people trying to find a job with your personal identification scams? If I am looking for a job, I probably don’t have a pot to piss in. I probably have a 10k maxed out credit card. Do you want that number? You will need to pay it off first before you use it. In addition, why are you always an Indian in Jersey City? I’m not racist. I live with an Indian guy roommate. But you are making it very difficult to not be racist against an entire country. Do people in your country not have any values or integrity?

If you got through this, you might realize I get numerous phone calls, voicemails, and emails with total nonsense from fake recruiters. If you have an actual hiring manager that would like to speak with me by phone (not skype) I will do that interview between 3-6 pm ET. That would be the middle of the night in India. I will not do skype calls. I will not share any other personal info that is not already on my public resume or my public portfolio. I will not take a “remote” only contract just so you can get my ssn or bank account number. Who is even that dumb?

I will do an onsite interview in the greater Boston area with a direct hiring manager. If you are a legit recruiter, just set a time and place for an afternoon interview with any actual direct hiring manager and I will be there.


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